#1 Back Pain Side Effect People Are Afraid To Talk About

Side effects of lower back pain

For some fortunate souls, the side effects of lower back pain don’t go beyond the occasional aches and pains, and the only remedy they require are over the counter pain meds. But for too many others, the side effects of lower back pain are much more severe. And new evidence confirms what many back doctors have long suspected — there is a strong link between chronic back pain and depression.

However, one piece of new information did surprise doctors: the link between back pain and depression can go both ways. That means not only can back pain cause depression, but depression can also cause low back pain. Not only that, but treating depression sometimes improves side effects of lower back pain, and vice versa. And that’s great news for the 26 million Americans under the age of 64 who experience back pain regularly.

For people affected by lower back pain, a number of medications have proven effective, including opiate painkillers, oral steroids, muscle relaxants, and more. But many doctors are also using certain anti-depressants to treat the side effects of lower back pain. Not only does back pain often affect the same parts of the brain that sometimes cause symptoms of depression, but chronic pain itself is a major cause of depressive symptoms. And for patients already suffering from depression, back pain can worsen symptoms. Therefore, stopping depression in its tracks can help in preventing lower back pain.

Back pain is the number one cause of disability in Americans aged 45 or younger, and for pain sufferers who become housebound or inactive, a sedentary lifestyle often leads to depression. The link between depression and back pain is not yet fully understood, but it’s becoming clear that the mental illness is one of the causes of lower back pain that needs to be investigated further.

For severe cases of lower back pain, other common treatments include open spinal surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, or a physical therapy regimen. But even in those cases, more and more back doctors are treating chronic pain of the spine and chronic pain of the mind simultaneously.

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