3 Amazing Uses That You Didn’t Know Lasers Had

Class iv laser technology

When you hear the term “laser,” what comes to mind? Like many people, you might think of an everyday object like a laser pointer or a weapon in a science fiction film. But lasers have a surprising number of uses and are actually found in several different industries, from the factory floor to your local doctor’s office. Here are three of the most common uses for lasers today:

Manufacturing Systems

Lasers often appear in factories and workshops to help make cuts or guide workpieces in a lathe or other machine. Higher powered lasers, such as 60 watt lasers, may be used to cut or burn through heavy duty materials, such as metal or wood. A typical 10 watt laser may be used in engraving, carving, or small cutting jobs, especially for something that may require intricate ornamentation. Lasers are most commonly found in CNC equipment, which uses computers to program complex manufacturing jobs.

Cosmetic Treatments

Many medical professionals now offer non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments that use lasers and light therapy. These medical lasers perform a number of procedures, including everything from facials to liposuction. During these procedures, the lasers perform a number of tasks, from removing water from beneath the skin’s surface to smoothing the skin to reduce wrinkles or scarring.

Medical Applications

A new segment of medical research has focused on using lasers for pain management for humans and animals. For example, veterinary laser therapy helps to reduce pain in animals in a non-invasive (or non-surgical) way; this can help pets of all sizes see greater mobility and feel less pain within about 12 to 24 hours.

This type of treatment is also suitable for people. Around 31 million people experience low-back pain right now in the U.S., and over time about 80% of the population will have back problems. While a doctor’s office would use something much weaker than a 10 watt laser, these lasers can provide pain relief in addition to being used in surgery on the eye or other body parts. A typical laser for medical use would fall into the category of Class IV laser technology, meaning that it is a noninvasive use of laser energy.

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