How Urgent Care Centers Make the Business of Being Sick Better Than Ever

Memorial urgent care

This is a scenario is probably all too familiar for many people: you wake up late Saturday morning or afternoon feeling way, way under the weather. Your head is pounding — and not because you got a little too tipsy the night before at happy hour — your body aches, your throat feels drier and hotter than the Sahara desert, you skin is both hot and cold at the same time, and your nose is plugged but running faster than Usain Bolt.

Given the severity of your symptoms, you know that you should probably see your doctor or do something, unfortunately, your doctor’s office is closed for the day. Going to the emergency room seems a bit unnecessary, but you know that you need medical attention. After all, your over the counter cold and flu medicine just ain’t cutting it.

So what’s a gal or guy to do? Go to anyone of the urgent care clinics that are likely to be in your area, of course.

Urgent medical care is similar to emergency care provided at a hospital in that it addresses acutely arising conditions, injuries, and illness. However, the difference lies in the severity. Urgent medical care is not meant to treat true life threatening emergencies or severe injuries or illness; this is what emergency rooms are for.

A bad cold or case of the flu however, is right up the alley of urgent care centers. In fact, the convenient care provided by urgent care facilities may soon be even more convenient, thanks to an app of course. A Cleveland urgent care clinic recently debuted a MyCare app that allows patients with a smartphone and wireless internet connection to be seen and prescribed medication for relatively mild ailments right through the app. The best part? It’s only $49.

As the urgent care boom continues to expand and grow in popularity, it’s highly likely that similar apps will be used by other urgent care locations across the country. This would make being sick not so bad after all!

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