Top Five Reasons You Should Consider a Sea Salt Cleanse!

Body cleanse

Sure, you can find tons of different body cleanses out there. There is the fruit cleanse, the lemon cleanse, the kale cleanse, the cayenne cleanse, and the candy cleanse. Okay, calm down, I made the last one up. But, have you heard of the sea salt cleanse? If not, buckle up, because you are about to get the top five sea salt cleanse benefits.

1. It balances your body.

The sea salt will help to flush the toxins from your body, therefore giving your electrolytes and your metabolism time to recover. Too much constant hard work for either of them could lead you to feeling wonky.

2. It takes away the stink.

Sea salt will be taking away anything nasty living in your gut or digestive system, therefore your sweat and body odor will be definitively less fragrant, and even your breath will not have a distinctive smell.

3. Your digestive system will thank you.

With the toxins gone, you digestive system can focus on what it was actually designed to do. It can put all of its energy toward removing waste as quickly and efficiently as possible. And the salt can actually help to heal any digestive damage that you may suffer.

4. You will be happy again.

With the cleanse you can expect your skin to clear up, your eyes to be bright, your moods to pick up and be stable. You will have more energy, the desire to eat better, and sleep better at night. All thing to be happy about!

5. The pain will go away.

Most common pain is actually caused by toxins residing in the body. Once they are flushed, your muscles can relax and your headaches will disappear.

As you can see, the sea salt cleanse benefits are evident. And the best part is that it does not require absurd amounts of fresh produce or hard to obtain ingredients. You do not even need a blender. The sea salt cleanse recipe requires water and sea salt, that is it. As with anything that you plan to do to your body, you should consult your physician before trying it, but once you get the go, you will love how you feel. And I am intentionally not giving you the actual sea salt flush recipe until you ask your doctor. So just go ask.

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